Advanced Healer Our healing system allows you to customize the way your character heals in several ways, allowing you to personalize it enough to survive the toughest dungeons. Different healing conditions will allow you to heal at randomized health . The healer can also start healing at five percent and it will not stop before reaching a chosen condition. We have 2 different sets of healing rules: HP healing and Mana Healing. This way you can use spells or potions + mana potions! With prioryty on hp ( so firstly RotwormBot just use health potion and then just mana ).

Did you remember Icons from Elfbot? RotwormBot allows you to create icons that allow you to turn off or turn on selected bot functions and they are in your hand. You have the option of placing them in the most convenient place you choose, thanks to this, e.g. during hunting, you can quickly turn off your knight’s healing by exura sio.

Customizable Cavebot

The cavebot system is not only easy to use and make paths with. It introduces a new concept for cavebot waypoints.

We have several types of waypoint nodes: Stand, Rope, Shovel, Door, label, Action. Before you start using RotwormBot you should read Tutorials(you will receive them after purchase) because RotwormBot is based on DirectX . It’s created  on real tibia! 

Important! – You can’t get ban , because we are basing on graphic as our eyes see. Without interfering with the game client!

Smart Targetting + Looting You can just set hotkey and attack monsters with runes ( like gfb , avalanche ) , or just exori hur , exori min on 3 monsters or more etc. You can choose looting by only right click or with shift.  More about it you can find in our documentation ( will be send after purchase license)


 Have the feature 

 Have the feature 

  Do not have future

RotwormBot  Tibia 12+ Windows 8 , 10

Features of the bot to use on Tibia 12+(Real Tibia)

RotwormBot  Tibia 12+ Windows 7

Features of the bot to use on Tibia 12+(Real Tibia)


24.99eur / 800TC – 60 days


 PCs per license

Up to 1 PC

Up to 1 PC

 Undetectable to BattlEye


 New updates

 Official Discord / TeamSpeak

 Scripts Full AFK

 Functions and features


 Auto eat food

 Auto equip items(refill)

ammunition, rings, amulets, soft boots…

 Auto fishing

 Auto reconnect

even on server save

 Auto renew spells

utamo vita, utani hur, utito tempo…

Gaming Mode/Hotkeys

walk with WASD, loot around, drop item and move item to BP with hotkeys…

 Life/Mana healer

+ equip ring/amulet with low life

 Mana trainer

 Timer Hotkeys

press up to 6 hotkeys every X seconds


move blank rune to hand, cast spell and move the rune to the BP


 automatic settings

 Walk over fire fields, parcels, items… (anti trap)

 Create, load  scripts



 Full AFK scripts

 Luring mode scripts

 Exit game if trapped(+ screenshot)

trapped = stopped on the same spot for X min.

 Play alarm if trapped

 Special Actions

advanced actions to perform any type of task through the Cavebot scripts

 All Special Actions

 All Special Actions

 Screenshot on death


 automatic settings

 Attack monsters casting multiple spells/runes(with combo/rotation)

 Alarm/exit game with unlisted target(player on screen)

 Combat/attack modes for each monster

follow attack, stand, offensive, defensive…

 Define attack priority of each monster

 Ignore target after X seconds


 Equip ring/amulet before attacking the monster

 Distance attack mode(Mage/RP)

 Keep diagonal from monster

 Spells/runes with condition of monster count

 Stop attack based on monster life

used to train with monsters

 Train online with monsters/players

 Play alarm if player on screen


 Drop trash from BP

 Loot all monters

 Loot by right or shift + right click

 attack monsters with button

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